Visiting Teaching Conference Photos: [Bee Anxiously Engaged Craft Workshop]


2 thoughts on “Visiting Teaching Conference Photos: [Bee Anxiously Engaged Craft Workshop]

  1. I would love to know more about what you need for the Visiting Teaching conference – Bee Anxiously Engaged. We are preparing our conference on the same theme and talk and would love some ideas.


    1. Hi Heather.
      We Started with the Relief Society Goals for the Year. The Relief Society President did a power point presentation.

      A Presentation was delivered around the Subject of Being Anxiously Engaged in a Good Cause. Using the Talk by Elder M Russell Nelson:
      And incorporated to talk about us Relief Society working hard like Bees by doing our Part and Praying for opportunities to serve our sisters etc..

      The Visiting Teaching Coordinator did a small presentation on Presenting ourselves in the best way and some tips she had for effective Visiting teaching.
      Another Sister did a talk on Hearts Knit as one. There is a talk by President Henry B Eyring called Our Hearts knit as one: She made a little hand out with a knitted/crochet Heart attached which was really cute.
      I taught the sisters a song called Heart Knit together by Amy Benson Lacey. Sheet music is here:

      Another Sister Did a craft showing an example of Monthly Packets you can make up with an example of a highlight of the message and a little Handout and chocolate.

      Another Sister did a craft of a Pom Pom Bee. Giving you an example of how you can use your talents to bring a visual aid regarding the visiting teaching theme. The Sisters were all given Handouts with their Sisters details on and a note of who theirs is.

      And then we had refreshments and a mingle at the end. Hope this Helps 🙂


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