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It’s Stake Temple Week: Come to the House of The Lord

Come to the temples worthily and regularly. Not only do you bless those who are deceased, but you may freely partake of the promised personal revelation that may bless your life with power, knowledge, light, beauty, and truth from on high, which will guide you and your posterity to eternal life. What person would not want these blessings, as expressed by the Prophet Joseph Smith at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. He said: “We ask thee, Holy Father, that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angels have charge over them.” (D&C 109:22.)…I pray that we will take full advantage of every opportunity to regularly come to our Lord’s temple and there freely partake of the feast and blessings He provides in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

[Taken from The Conference Address [April 1992]: Come to the House of the Lord by David B. Haight] For the full article see the link below:

Dates For Your Diary March/April 2015:

Sun 1st Mar:       [Fast Sunday]

Thu 5th Mar:      PPi’s/Training [For all Auxillary Leaders]

Fri 6th Mar:        Bolton Ward Temple Night 7.30pm Session

                          Youth Dance 7pm @ Chorley

Sat 7th Mar:       Regional Youth Activity @ Chorley

Sun 8th Mar:      [Bolton Ward Conference] Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

                          New Beginnings NIght for Young Women & Parents 7.30pm

Fri 13th Mar:      Youth Dance 7.30pm @ Huddersfield

Sun 15th Mar:    [Mothers Day]

Tue 17th Mar:    [Ashton Stake Temple Week 17th – 21st]

                          Stake Youth Baptisms for Bolton 6.30pm @ Baptistry

Thu 19th Mar:    Stake New & Returning Member Baptisms 6.30pm

Sun 22nd Mar:   Bishops Youth Discussion 7.30pm @ Bolton

Wed 25th Mar:   Multi-Ward Youth Activity 7.30pm @ Oldham

Thu 26th Mar:    R.S. Mid-Week Activity ‘A Celebration of Women’ 7.30pm

Sun 29th Mar:    Choir 1.45 -2.15pm & Sisters Broadcast 8+ 5.30pm @ Ashton

                           YSA Devotional 7.30pm @ YSA Building

Fri 3rd Apr:         [Good Friday] Ward Temple Night 7.30pm Session

Sat 4th Apr:        [General Conference]

Sun 5th Apr:       [General Conference] [Easter Sunday]

Mon 6th Apr:      [Easter Monday] Ashton Stake Youth Convention [6th -10th]

Tue 7th Apr:       Beehive Convention [7th – 8th]

Sat 11th Apr:     Ashton Stake Youth Convention Dance 7.30pm @ Ashton

Sun 12th Apr:    [Fast Sunday] Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Fri 17th Apr:      Youth Dance 7.30pm @ Manchester

Sun 19th Apr:    Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

                          Stake Youth Council 6pm / Fireside 7.30pm @ Middleton

Tue 21st Apr:     Bolton Ward Baptismal Trip 6.45pm @ Baptistry

Thu 23rd Apr:     R.S. Mid-Week Activity ‘St Georges Day Celebration’ 7.30pm

Wed 29th Apr:   Stake Youth Activity 7.30pm @ Middleton


Dates For Your Diary Jan/Feb 2015:

Sun 25th Jan:    Stake Youth Fireside @ Whitefield 7.30pm

Wed 28th Jan:   Stake Youth Activity @ Whitefield 7.30pm

Thu 29th Jan:    R.S. Mid-week Activity 7.30pm @ Chapel

Sun 1st Feb:      Fast Sunday

Fri 6th Feb:       Youth Dance @ Manchester 7.30pm

Sun 8th Feb:     Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Thu 12th Feb:   Self-reliance Training for Ward Councils 7.30pm @ Ashton

Fri 13th Feb:     Youth Dance @ Huddersfield 7.30pm & Multi-Stake YSA Valentine’s dance @ YSA Building 7.30pm

Sat 14th Feb:    Valentines Day

Sun 15th Feb:   Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm & Stake Youth Fireside @ Rochdale 7.30pm

Sat 21st Feb:    Stake Music Festival 7pm @ Ashton

Sun 22nd Feb: Stake Single Adult Fireside 7pm @ Oldham

Wed 25th Feb:  Stake Youth Activity @ Rochdale 7.30pm

Thu 26th Feb:   R.S. Mid-week Activity @ Chapel 7.30pm