Musical Advent 2017 – Day 1

Track 1: Noel – Chris Tomlin Ft Lauren Daigle

Christmas Sermons By Sterling W. Sill

One of the interesting characteristics of our lives is the wide variety of experiences of which they are made up. We have different kinds of work; the contrasts in our thoughts cover an extended area; and different occasions have different significance to us. Even the days of our week are different and are used for a different purpose. It has been said that our civilization itself would never have survived for half a century if it had not been for this one day in seven that we call Sunday.

This is the day that serves as our Sabbath. This is the day when we try to reach a pinnacle in our performance, This is the day when we pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our bodies and minds. This is the day when we put on our best clothes and think our best thoughts and read our best books. This is the day when we associate with the people that we love the most. This is the day for which we usually reserve the best meal of the week.

And then after we have laid aside the cares that usually concern us during the other six days, we go to the house of prayer and let our minds reach up and try to understand the purposes for which this day was set apart. We set aside one day to use for that important idea of thanksgiving; on one day we celebrate the Fourth of July; on one day we commemorate Easter; and one day we set apart as a day of memories, which we call Memorial Day. We set apart the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day and the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, in which we keep that great command, “Honour thy father and thy mother.”

Then, in his great wisdom, God himself has set apart one seventh of all the days as Sabbath days. This is a kind of Heavenly Father’s day when we try to honour God by living at our best. We may let down our guard a little bit between Monday and Saturday, but by the time the Sabbath comes again, we try to get back up on the highest level where we can see the issues of life most clearly.

Then, once each year, we do something a little different. To give emphasis to this idea, we set aside a whole season as Christmas. This is a kind of Sabbath for the entire year. This is a whole season when we try to maintain ourselves at our highest level. This is also a time when we make an appraisal of the past and try to get ourselves ready for a brand new year. This is when we make our new year’s resolutions, set our goals, and at our best we make some determinations of what our eternal lives should be like.

This recalls the idea that we also have different kinds of communications and instructions. Between ourselves, with each other, and with God, our speech itself has a different purpose. We have a type of conversation that is primarily intended as a means of killing time. Speech is also used to give instructions in geography or history. We sometimes tell each other how to be more effective in our occupations and our recreations. Even for our Sunday experiences or our Christmas communications, we have several kinds of verbal interchange. Our righteous prayers are carried to the throne of God.

One of our most important kinds of communication with each other is what we call the sermon. Sermons carry with them a little more serious tone than do mere conversations or stories of life’s ordinary experiences. The dictionary says that a sermon is a serious address. It is made up of religious instruction. It may have to do more intimately with our conduct or our understanding or our duty or our sacred life’s opportunities. A sermon is language dressed up in its best clothes. A sermon is usually grounded on some passage of scripture or based on some other sacred text or experience. Shakespeare mentions that there are sermons in stones, tongues in trees, books in running brooks, and good in everything. God preaches great sermons to us through the wonders of his universe, the wisdom of his all-important natural laws, and by means of godliness, which he has put into the lives of his offspring.

Of course, some of the greatest sermons in the world are those recorded in the Holy Scripture. They were inspired by the Lord and primarily they tell us about God’s own ideas and activities. They also project the most advantageous program for our benefit. Once each year we unpack our boxes of tinsel and Christmas decorations to make our Christmas trees and our homes more beautiful. At this season of the year we also use special Christmas salutations and printed messages of peace and good will to each other. We have our Christmas feasts and enjoy our sparkling Christmas festivities. And then, in addition, we ought to unpack some great ideas so that with ourselves and our children we can read and hear and think and speak some Christmas sermons.

It is hoped that what follows may help us to dress up our spirits in their finest ambitions so that we may live at our best throughout the new year.


Dates For Your Diary March/April 2015:

Sun 1st Mar:       [Fast Sunday]

Thu 5th Mar:      PPi’s/Training [For all Auxillary Leaders]

Fri 6th Mar:        Bolton Ward Temple Night 7.30pm Session

                          Youth Dance 7pm @ Chorley

Sat 7th Mar:       Regional Youth Activity @ Chorley

Sun 8th Mar:      [Bolton Ward Conference] Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

                          New Beginnings NIght for Young Women & Parents 7.30pm

Fri 13th Mar:      Youth Dance 7.30pm @ Huddersfield

Sun 15th Mar:    [Mothers Day]

Tue 17th Mar:    [Ashton Stake Temple Week 17th – 21st]

                          Stake Youth Baptisms for Bolton 6.30pm @ Baptistry

Thu 19th Mar:    Stake New & Returning Member Baptisms 6.30pm

Sun 22nd Mar:   Bishops Youth Discussion 7.30pm @ Bolton

Wed 25th Mar:   Multi-Ward Youth Activity 7.30pm @ Oldham

Thu 26th Mar:    R.S. Mid-Week Activity ‘A Celebration of Women’ 7.30pm

Sun 29th Mar:    Choir 1.45 -2.15pm & Sisters Broadcast 8+ 5.30pm @ Ashton

                           YSA Devotional 7.30pm @ YSA Building

Fri 3rd Apr:         [Good Friday] Ward Temple Night 7.30pm Session

Sat 4th Apr:        [General Conference]

Sun 5th Apr:       [General Conference] [Easter Sunday]

Mon 6th Apr:      [Easter Monday] Ashton Stake Youth Convention [6th -10th]

Tue 7th Apr:       Beehive Convention [7th – 8th]

Sat 11th Apr:     Ashton Stake Youth Convention Dance 7.30pm @ Ashton

Sun 12th Apr:    [Fast Sunday] Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Fri 17th Apr:      Youth Dance 7.30pm @ Manchester

Sun 19th Apr:    Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

                          Stake Youth Council 6pm / Fireside 7.30pm @ Middleton

Tue 21st Apr:     Bolton Ward Baptismal Trip 6.45pm @ Baptistry

Thu 23rd Apr:     R.S. Mid-Week Activity ‘St Georges Day Celebration’ 7.30pm

Wed 29th Apr:   Stake Youth Activity 7.30pm @ Middleton


Dates For Your Diary Jan/Feb 2015:

Sun 25th Jan:    Stake Youth Fireside @ Whitefield 7.30pm

Wed 28th Jan:   Stake Youth Activity @ Whitefield 7.30pm

Thu 29th Jan:    R.S. Mid-week Activity 7.30pm @ Chapel

Sun 1st Feb:      Fast Sunday

Fri 6th Feb:       Youth Dance @ Manchester 7.30pm

Sun 8th Feb:     Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Thu 12th Feb:   Self-reliance Training for Ward Councils 7.30pm @ Ashton

Fri 13th Feb:     Youth Dance @ Huddersfield 7.30pm & Multi-Stake YSA Valentine’s dance @ YSA Building 7.30pm

Sat 14th Feb:    Valentines Day

Sun 15th Feb:   Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm & Stake Youth Fireside @ Rochdale 7.30pm

Sat 21st Feb:    Stake Music Festival 7pm @ Ashton

Sun 22nd Feb: Stake Single Adult Fireside 7pm @ Oldham

Wed 25th Feb:  Stake Youth Activity @ Rochdale 7.30pm

Thu 26th Feb:   R.S. Mid-week Activity @ Chapel 7.30pm

News January 2015

* A Big Welcome back to Heather Woods YAY!!! It’s lovely to see you back at Church.

* Francis Robinson is still recovering at home from surgery and would love to hear from you. Please contact Sheena to arrange visits or contact.

* A Big Congratulations to Tania Chapman on her Teaching placement @ Bolton College Good Luck!!

* Audrey Boardman is a Local Avon Representative contact her for a brochure or for a link to the e-brochure

* We are looking for Fundraising ideas to help the youth this year. The youth have FSY [For the Strength of Youth] this August and it’s not cheap. We feel it’s our duty and responsibility to make sure the cost of a place doesn’t stop one of our youth from attending, aswell as relieving part of the cost that will fall on the ward/parents.

* And Finally Choir Starts again in February it will be held on the 2nd and 3rd and occasional 5th Sundays at 1.45 -2.15pm. Anyone who wishes to participate in or practise musical items, can practise from 2.15 – 2.30pm. See Sister Boardman if you are interested. We need you!!!