Dates For your Diary May/June 2015:

Sun 10th May:                 Fast Sunday & Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Fri 15th – Sat 16th May:   Aaronic Priesthood Camp

Sun 17th May:                 Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm &

                                        Stake Youth Fireside @ Littleborough 7.30pm

Wed 20 May:                 Stake Youth Activity @ Littleborough 7.30pm

Sat 23rd May:                 Relief Society FSY Fundraiser – ‘Car Wash & Breakfast’ 10am-12pm

Sun 24th May:               Institute Graduation @ YSA Building 7.30pm

Sun 31st May:                Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Fri 5th June:                   Ward Temple Night 7.30pm & Dance 14+ @ Manchester 7.30pm

Sat 6th June:                  Stake Dance Festival 7pm @ Ashton

Sun 7th June:                 Stake Conference Broadcast & Seminary Graduation 7.30pm

Sat 13th June:               Beehive & Deacon Activity

Sun 14th June:              Fast Sunday & Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Tue 16th – 20th June:   [Stake Temple Week]

Tue 16th June:             Stake Youth Baptisms 6.30pm @ Temple

Thu 18th June:             New & Returning Members Baptisms

Sun 21st June:              Fathers Day & Choir 1.45 – 2.15pm

Wed 24th June:           Stake Youth Activity @ Ashton 7.30pm

Thu 25th June:             R.S Mid-Week Activity –‘Spring Walk & Supper’ 7.30pm        

Sat 27th June:             Stake Netball/ Football

Sun 28th June:            YSA Devotional @ YSA Building 7.30pm

Fri 3rd July:                 Chorley Dance 14+ 7pm & Ward Temple Night 7.30pm Session

Sat 4th July:                Relief Society FSY Fundraiser – American BBQ 2-4pm


Our Relief Society Goals for 2015:

So With Our Ward Conference Happening on the 8th of March we are focusing this month on goals.
Here are the Area Goals for 2015:
1 Double Sacrament attendance.
2. Spiritually/temporally self-reliant.
3. Discover the blessings of enabling salvation of our ancestors.

And here are the Relief Society Goals for the Bolton Ward in 2015:
1. Reach out to all sisters through Visiting Teaching,
{We are asking all Sisters to Visit/Contact those in their care once a month and will be encouraging and inviting all Sisters to attend meetings & activities.}

2. Strengthening Testimonies & promoting Self-reliance.
{We aim to help strengthen each other through Service Projects, fundraisers & providing Mid-week Activities. We will be looking at setting up a Book Club for our Book of Mormon Challenge and we are asking all sisters to provide us with their favourite recipes so that we can make a Cook Book that can inspire & help other sisters with their Homemaking skills and possibly raise funds for our Youth. We are also asking every sister to attend Stake & General Conference where possible.}

3. Doing the work for our kindred dead.
{We will be encouraging all Sisters to attend the Temple more regularly, to be more familiar with the resources available in order to do your own personal History & Family History and will be encouraging all where possible to flood the Temple during Monthly Ward Temple Nights and Stake Temple Weeks.}

* We will be Holding a Fundraising American Themed Barbeque on Sat 4th July for The Youth’s FSY Convention [For The Strength of Youth] so save the date and get your thinking caps on!!!