Family Musical Advent 2016

Hi Sisters,

Due to the CD’s not being ready to give until Sunday, I’ll be posting daily on here. This year is my 10th year of doing these so I decided to make it not just a time out for sisters but i’ve included the family. So the idea is it can be like a little Family Home Evening every day, hopefully helping us to have a more Christ- Centered Christmas.

In the Booklets there is a CD with a song for each day to listen to (If you wish). There is also a scripture and brief discussion relating to a relevant Christmas themed item and nearer to Christmas Nativity based themes. There is also a daily challenge (Which my kids are really not looking forward to!) and finally I did some colouring pages that you can save and print off. I will be handing out colouring books in Primary on Sunday though if you wish to wait.

Finally I shall be posting video links, poems and stories, that I feel are related to the theme each day. So it can be as big or small as you would like it to be.

So Apologies for the delay Sisters but don’t worry they’re  in production and shall be with you Sunday – Merry Christmas!


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