A Message and Fireside Announcement from Our Self Reliance Specialists

Dear Members of the Ashton Stake
I am sure you have heard a lot now about the new self reliance initiative that is rolling out in the church. Well the exciting news is that we are now moving this forward within our stake. Please see the poster attached for details of the multi-stake devotional coming this month:Sunday the 26th April commencing at 7pm, at the Manchester Stake centre.

This devotional is a opportunity for all members to undertake a self assessment and set personal goals in relation to moving towards self reliance for you and your family. On this night, you will also be given the opportunity to find out more about the workgroups that will commence in the coming weeks, and you can sign up to one on the night. These work groups are aimed primarily at those who are looking for work, hoping to improve job prospects, want a change of job, looking into a form of education and thinking of starting or improving your own business.
Any members that wish to come and undertake their own personal assessment, please come to this evening, you can then sign up to a workgroup if you feel it is appropriate for you. If you are interested in any of the workgroups and feel you need help with employment, self employment or education, it is very important that you come to this evening. Please contact your ward self reliance specialist or a member of the Bishopric if you want anymore information or need help to attend this devotional. It is going to a very exciting evening and the first of its kind in this area, so please come and enjoy this experience.
Much love
Brother and Sister Knight
Ashton Stake Self Reliance Specialists


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