A Tribute To Mothers:[Happy Mothers Day!]

View on youtube https://youtu.be/GQ4TPn8hjxI or View here : http://ayearoffhe.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/it-was-mom.html

It Was Mom

Every life.
Every heartbeat began with a mom
who willingly accepted a divine role;
a thankless job;
a sticky,
soul-stretching career.
For 9 months, 90 months, 90 years…
She taught us right from wrong,
left from right,
baking soda from baking powder.
She slept little and worried much.
She laughed,
and repeated.
And repeated…
Who taught us to love God,
to love others,
to love ourselves?
Who prayed with us?
Who prayed for us?
Who read to us and taught us what the words meant?
It was Mom.
Who was the champion,
the cheerleader,
the Chief Inspiring Officer?
Who was the queen of bedtime,
dinner time,
holy days,
early mornings,
late nights,
music lessons,
life lessons,
and everything we cling to with all our hearts?
It was – it is,
and forever will be –

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